Fast-Track Review

Terms and Conditions

Normal processing is free of charge. No submission fee is requested from the authors of the JORAM. All articles are freely available as early online and on the day of publication on the journal’s website. JORAM articles are Open Access and fully compliant with Open Access mandates; they are free to read without a subscription and copyright remains with the authors. The journal issue is published monthly (last week of every month).

JORAM has an evaluation period of 3-6 months for normal processing with features of author-offered-reviewers and quick early publication with full-text PDF proof with DOI. If you have an important paper that you want to be evaluated and published quickly, think Fast-track, and get a decision on your manuscript within 10 days in the Fast-track process or within 24 hours in the Ultra-Fast-track process. This option is subject to a fee.

Detailed steps of a Fast-track plan

1. Submit a manuscript, and obtain a manuscript ID; after scope and eligibility check, we offer a Fast-track plan
2. Send the payment with the manuscript ID as your choice of Fast-track plan (Fast-track process or Ultra-Fast-track process)
3. Send transfer receipt by email or submission system
4. All following processes; evaluation for editorial pre-review, prerequisites check, blind review at least by two reviewers, editorial decision; will be concluded
within 10 working days (Fast-track process) or
within 24 hours (within a working day) (Ultra-Fast track process).
5. If the paper is accepted for publication, the next processes will be English language editing check, similarity check, proofreading, layout preparation, proof check, DOI application, early publication, etc.
6. Early pub issue articles will be published in the final journal issue (with issue and page numbers) in the last week of every month.

What do the fast-track processing charges pay for?

Developing and maintaining quick peer review, quick decision, and publication, preparation in various formats for online publication, securing full-text inclusion in a number of permanent archives, Securing inclusion in CrossRef (enabling electronic citation in other journals that are available electronically). Our platform makes use of open-source software wherever possible, and all of our production work is done in-house ensuring rapid delivery of services by a highly skilled but cost-effective team. Our fees are fully transparent - you can trust us that every penny goes towards providing high-quality, sustainable publishing service, and not towards sky-high publisher profits.

Why do the fast-track processing charges change in time?

JORAM is a self-supporting organization and does not receive funding from any government institution/organization. Hence, the operation of the journal is solely financed by the voluntary efforts of the editors and reviewers. There is no charge to submit a paper. The fast-track processing fee is to meet the expenses of fast publication of the manuscript, fast review of the manuscript, web services, language accuracy check, minor corrections, writing style check and corrections, layout management, and many more. These processes may vary in quantity and expenses. Therefore, the Fast-track Process fee may vary according to the complexity of the journal's paper load.

Do the fast-track processing charges cover academic English editing services?

No, Fast-track processing doesn't cover or include English editing services.

Why a flat charge rather than one based on page numbers?

The size of an article (article type, article page number, article content (figures or tables)) is a poor indicator of the actual amount of work involved in obtaining peer reviews and in preparing the article for publication. A more useful discriminator might be the state an article is in when submitted, and its complexity, but the lack of objective tools to measure these have led us to conclude that a flat fee is the fairest approach at this stage.

Does the fast-track process application increase chance of the paper’s acceptance?

No. All articles (fast-track or no fast-track) are evaluated by at least two reviewers. Acceptance rates of fast-track-article or non-fast-track-article are similar.
Paying a fast-track processing fee does not guarantee or increase the chances of acceptance of the article.
To increase acceptance chance, please prepare articles according to related guidelines (STROBE, CONSORT, CARE).

How can I apply to the Fast-Track process?

Once the required transaction is confirmed by our bank and transfer receipt, your article's process will begin.

Who is responsible for making the payment?

Whoever submits the manuscript is responsible for making and arranging the payment. The corresponding author must confirm, at the time of submission, that he/she will organize payment.

If the article is declined, is the fast-track process fee refunded?

No. We recommend the authors prepare articles under the relevant guidelines (STROBE, CONSORT, CARE) to increase acceptance to the journal. If the article is rejected, no fees are refundable.
If you think your article has enough quality for publication, and if you need quick processing, request a fast-track process. Paying a fast-track fee does not guarantee acceptance. The JORAM reserve the right to reject the paper promptly and without external review if the paper is out of scope or has obvious flaws, and the fast-track fee will not refund.

Does JORAM offer discounts on fast-track processing charges?

JORAM doesn’t offer any discounts on fast-track processing charges.

Refund policy

The fast-track fee is not refundable under any circumstance, even if the paper is rejected with or without peer-reviews.
An author possesses the right to request withdrawal of the manuscript. In case of withdrawal of the paper, there will be no refund after payment of the fast-track publication fee.
In case of discontinuation of a Fast-track plan, there will be no refund after payment of the fast-track publication fee.
A Fast-track publication fee is not transferable to another manuscript or another author or another author’s paper.
We can't give either a discount, credit, or refund for fast-track articles that are pulled back after they have been paid for.
The submitting author accepts responsibility for the charges of fast-track publication, and JORAM will not issue refunds of any kind except those payments made more than the amount required.


The journal management committee acknowledges the difficulties faced by the authors, but to ensure the continuous appearance of the journal, has decided to charge a minimal fee from the authors as follows;

Fast-track Plan for one manuscript

Fast-track processing fee: 200 USD  
Ultra-Fast-track processing fee = 2x Fast-track processing fee


Transfer details will be shared upon request


If you face any problems, please contact us for further guidance.

Before payment, read all terms and conditions. Sending payment refers that you accepted all terms and conditions.

* Working days start from Monday to Friday
¥ The time depends on the author’s response time, and all processes may delay due to this issue.

We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to update, modify, or change any portion of these terms at any time. You should review the most current version. Your continued use of the Fast-track process plan signifies that you accept the changes. If you do not agree with any of these terms and conditions, you should discontinue your use of the Fast-track Process plan.